The Inbound Sales Revolution


The inbound sales revolution

An easy guide for IT resellers

Like it or not, sales has changed. The customer has all the information they need in the palm of their hands and so nearly 60% of a customer’s buying journey is completed before they even reach out to a sales rep.*

Yet, just as buyers have more information at their disposal in the sales process, so does the sales person. If you can harness the relevant software and online tools, and learn how to use this to your advantage, you can turn the "information age" into an opportunity, not a threat.

Download your guide to the new way of selling

Ready to start selling again? Our guide shows you:

  • Why traditional sales is no longer worth your time
  • What inbound sales is and what it involves
  • The software and social tools you can use for multiple sales trigger alerts, and more
  • How to leverage your marketing team's content to your advantage in your sales efforts
  • What a successful inbound sales process should look like for IT resellers

*according to research by Hubspot